NOPE, supplements aren’t magic, but they can help you level up on your strength training or body composition goals. For sustained energy during workouts and a strong recovery, these are a few of my go-to choices. Daily vitamins and other supplements promote optimal health—these are the brands I use and trust.

Ritual Daily Prenatal

Ritual vitamins are made for women by women, and every ingredient is sourced ethically with robust quality standards. OB/GYNs advise that ALL women of childbearing age take a daily prenatal, even if they don’t intend to become pregnant. Learn more about the ingredients here.

Perfect Desiccated Liver

It’s okay. You’re going to be okay! Did you know organ meat has the highest concentration of vitamin A out of any food? Most women are deficient in iron; desiccated liver’s got iron, too! But my favorite thing about desiccated liver is that it gives you incredible, sustained energy. Pro tip: chase the capsules with something sweet.

Scivation XTEND BCAAs

A proprietary blend of hydrating electrolytes, glutamine, and branch chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs support muscle growth, recovery, hydration, and reduce fatigue. Take a scoop in your water during workouts (or shortly after). Blue raspberry is my fave, tastes exactly like a Blow Pop.

Olly Sleep Blend Gummies

Always been a melatonin girl until I overdid it! I started needing 9mcg+ per night and thought “I need to wean myself off this!” Now I use this Olly sleep blend that only has 3mcg of melatonin, but contains other natural ingredients that induce sleep.

Optimum Nutrition Protein | Energy in Cinnamon Roll

A few reasons I love this protein: It’s affordable, the addition of caffeine, and the flavor’s on-point. Mix this protein powder into oats or overnight oatmeal and THANK ME LATER!


Bob’s Red Mill Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder + Nutritional Boost

This one’s my favorite of the plant-based proteins. It’s sourced from pea protein but also contains natural sweetener (from monk fruit) and a “nutritional boost” of ground chia seeds! Protein + fiber, count me in.

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