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Stock your self-care arsenal with these products because they WORK. I never run out of any of them. For reference, here’s my skin/hair situation.

  • Skin type: Combo (oily T-zone, dry around the edges)

  • Skin tone: Olive with warm undertones

  • Hair type: Dark, fine, slightly greasy (especially after the gym)


Scentbird is a monthly fragrance subscription with hundreds of designer fragrances. Use their tailored recommendations or choose your favorites each month. My favorite fragrance is Indigo by Nest.

Olay Whips

Saving grace for oily or combo skin! Olay Regenerist whip is a new formula that goes on smooth and absorbs immediately, leaving a matte finish. This has replaced my primer and keeps my skin feeling moisturized.

Gym & Tonic Collagen

Collagen is a protein-rich supplement that supports strong nails and supple skin (plus healthy joints). I stir this unflavored collagen into my morning coffee and feel like a QUEEN. Use code FUELINGFUNCTION for a discount!

Eva NYC Dry Shampoo

Smells like a dream, keeps the oily at bay. Postpone wash day a little longer with this affordable dry shampoo that imparts extra texture and fruity-floral scent.


Babe Lash

No lash extensions required!  Babe Lash is a nightly serum that promotes natural eyelash growth. This is a must-have for makeup minimalists (or anyone who wants to wake up their eyes). See full results in about 4 weeks.

Skinceuticals Matte SPF30 Moisturizer

I’ve never met a sunscreen that wasn’t greasy, until now. SkinCeuticals Mineral Matte Defense even prevents oil build up with its mattifying formla. Wear your sunscreen!


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