50 High Protein Sources & Swaps

50 High Protein Sources & Swaps


The #1 problem flexible dieters encounter is not consuming enough protein. This guide has over 50 ways to get more protein throughout the day.

  • Recipe additions

  • Snacks

  • Supplement choices

  • BONUS: 1,500 calorie sample meal plan with 140g protein

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Protein is incredibly important for macro-based eating, but eating enough is the #1 problem flexible dieters run into. This guide contains over 50 ways to get more protein throughout the day. Meal additions, recipe swaps, high-protein snacks, and supplement choices are all included.


This guide also includes a sample 1,500 calorie meal plan with 140 grams of protein built in.

Why protein?

Protein plays a role in almost every body composition goal: from weight loss to muscle gain. Protein is slow digesting, so it satisfies us and keeps hunger at bay longer than other nutrients. You burn up to 20% of the calories consumed just by digesting protein! Protein’s function in our bodies is to give structure to our muscles, ligaments, tendons, and organs.

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