Kitchen Gear

I don’t go to bat for every new gadget, but these ones are used in my kitchen every damn week. For Sunday meal prep or weeknight dishes, having the right tools will save you time and frustration. Scoop up these swear-by kitchen tools and make life a little easier.

The Meal Prep Staples E-book (FREE!)

This guide has the fastest ways to prepare 11 staple foods like quinoa, chicken, squash, and boiled eggs. Concise instructions and even some recipe ideas for each staple food.

Instant Pot®

I can’t recommend the Instant Pot® enough. It sautés, steams, slow cooks, and more—all in half the time. This is the best meal prep investment you can make, IMO.

Food Scale

Avoid portion distortion with a food scale. Weighing your food educates you about portion sizes and helps you stay on track.

Glass Containers

Not necessary, but worth the investment. Glass containers can be washed on the top or bottom rack, they’re durable, and you can bake single-serve casseroles or dishes right inside them.

Team Blendtec

Get your micronutrient fix! Blendtec’s powerful engine pulverizes (no more veggie chunks) and it lasts for the long haul. I’ve had the same Blendtec since 2013.

Hamilton Beach Food processor

Use for plant-based burgers, homemade dressings, shaving vegetables, even grating cheese off the block.

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