8 Things to Stash in Your Gym Bag (FOX13 The Place Recap)

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Pinch me, what a cool week! I wrapped up my first TV segment with FOX 13 The Place. I'd like to share a recap of the items discussed so you can fill up your gym bag with the goods!

gym bag favorites


This is one of the easiest ways to warm up and get your heart rate pumping. Jump rope is an incredible cardiovascular workout that’s nostalgic and fun. I also love jump rope because it can be adapted for everyone, simply pick up the pace or increase your jump power if you want a bigger challenge.


Many of us sit for 8+ hours a day, resulting in back pain. Don’t let a knot in your back or shoulders nag at you while you workout. Work it out with a tennis ball! Lay on the floor or lean against a wall with the ball underneath the tight muscle. Roll up and down the area with light pressure. When you feel the knot, hold the ball against it until you feel it release. Remember to keep breathing as it may feel uncomfortable!


For sweaty hands, I love a product called Dry Hands, it’s a liquid chalk that dries in seconds to improve your grip. It’s a game-changer for grip exercises like rows, pull-ups, and deadlifts. Outside of the gym, it’s great for golfing, tennis, and baseball, too!

snacks & supps


You’d be hard pressed to find a gym rat that’s not pushing protein. For good reason: Consuming protein after a workout will help rebuild muscle fibers that were broken down during exercise. If you are unable to eat a meal after exercise, stash a protein bar in your bag for post-workout.

There’s a lot of artificial stuff in supplements these days, so I try to find protein bars with minimal ingredients. RX Bar is a great one: they tell you right on the package exactly what’s inside. My favorite RX Bars are Chocolate Sea Salt and Maple Sea Salt.


Electrolytes aren’t necessary every time you exercise, but if you start feeling fatigued, cramping up, or dizzy, you are probably dehydrated. It’s good to have electrolytes stashed in your bag just in case! Nuun is amazing: these tablets dissolve in water and have potassium, magnesium, and sodium to replenish what’s lost when we sweat. They also give your water a flavor boost to encourage drinking more.




It’s incredible how well music can turn a dragging workout into an exciting one. Load up your favorite jams and pop in those earbuds.



BIG OLE thanks to everyone who tuned in and sent good vibes and advice my way. What an incredible opportunity and learning experience, thank you all for allowing me to do what I love.